You Won't Believe This!

Illinois has more tax revenue now than ever before.  That's a fact.  Politicians in our government have pushed to collect more taxes from citizens in Illinois than ever in our history. 

But some of these politicians, like State Senator Mike Frerichs, think that there just isn’t enough money to fund all the pork he wants.  

You won't believe this, but Senator Frerichs just proposed adding a sales tax to services.  That means taxes on everyday things like pedicures, haircuts, internet service, taxicabs and even wheelchairs.   The curious part is that Mike Frerichs also wants to watch our money as the next State Treasurer!  That’s right - the guy running for Treasurer - wants to use the office to take more of our money.

It is time to stand up and say that we're already "OVERTAXED ILLINOIS."  Tell Mike Frerichs you can’t afford another tax by signing our petition and let us know how you feel about a service tax by taking our survey.